An Enchanted Space
On 28 December I performed the panaural sound installation ›NOYA – An enchanted space‹ as a workshop-concert in the presence of selected guests.

›An enchanted space‹ had been a short programme in six parts which lasted around 45 min in total. There had been no guiding thread, no meaning, just floating soundscapes, atmospheres, sounds and music.
I would like to give thanks to all my guests for coming and giving me helpful feedbacks. My special thanks go to my faithful colleague Brian Krüger who offered me once more his indispensable services in transport, setup and soundcheck.

How will we go on now? Some inspiring contacts came along that evening ... I'm very curious what may accrue from that.


Conception, screenplay, music & panaural scenes (24-channel)
Steffen Raphael Schwarzer

Technical Assistent & Logistics
Brian Krüger
Somatische Akademie Berlin, 28. Dezember 2016